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Zana Silkscreen Workshop

Zana Workshop on Rita Hello

Oh, hello!!! I’m starting off this week feeling invigorated. What a better way to spend a weekend than learning new skills, meeting new people and making pretty things? I’ve had all of that, a lovely birthday dinner with family as well as a not so great Sunday morning visit to the vet. Upside to that…Kahla is so damn cute when she’s all loopy on meds.

I’ve been keeping my eye on the wonderful girls of Zana for quite some time. I just love their quirky style and I’ve admired their great approach to branding and social media marketing every time a new post pops up. I was so excited when I saw that they hosted silkscreening workshops however with our schedules being as it is, going to Cape Town hasn’t really been an option. So you can imagine how absolutely thrilled I was when they announced Johannesburg workshops. So on Saturday morning, I hopped on the train to Nomads & Co. to go have some fun.

 The Workshop

I like delving into new experiences with no or few expectations, I’ve learned that in doing that you always end up pleasantly surprised. I went to the workshop thinking, great I’m going to get to try out silk screening and get to print a few things. Well, I was partially correct. I never bargained on just how awesome it would be.

We had the whole Nomads & Co. to ourselves, now I’ve seen pictures of this space and have long wanted to go. I must add, it did not disappoint, so the workshop ended up being two birds with one stone kind of deal. Not only did we learn to print and make designs suitable for silk screening, we also learned about all the different ways of printing and what would be beneficial for various goals you want to achieve. They also include carefully selected lists of suppliers and quotes from suppliers, how neat is that? We got to hear their story and learn a little bit about brand strategy. It was all so inspiring to hear and I loved meeting the team.

As you’ll see now, we were thoroughly spoiled with an amazing Zana goodie bag, Nikki’s yummy bagels (I love her fantastic Instagram account and blog) and the best of all meeting such a lovely bunch of people. Sue, you are just the sweetest, thank you for all of your help and patience. Robyn, so sad I didn’t get to meet you. Hopefully, I will soon! Melissa, you are just one very classy lady you with a great blog (go have a look!), thank you for all the advice and the lovely pictures. Nikki, when you open up a restaurant, I’m there, like now. Thank you for the chats and the amazing food. Nomusa you are a star, I’ll see you very soon! Thank you for all the kindness and bright smiles.

If you want to share in the fun and attend their next workshop, sign up for the newsletter here. Now, have a look at what we got up to.

Zana Workshop on Rita HelloZana Workshop on Rita HelloZana Workshop on Rita Hello

Zana Workshop on Rita HelloZana Workshop on Rita HelloZana Workshop on Rita HelloZana Workshop on Rita HelloZana Workshop on Rita HelloZana Workshop on Rita Hello

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