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Thumbuni Coffee at Ideas Assembly


If you live in Pretoria and you love coffee it is very likely that you have had a cup of coffee made by Jabulani Thumbuni. I met Jabu at Ginger and Fig where he was a barista and was surprised to find out that he had worked at numerous restaurants all over Pretoria. Jabu and I kept in touch after an article I wrote about him for Sunday Times Your Neighbourhood. I was absolutely delighted when I received a message a few weeks back from Jabu telling me that he has his own place now! So now, I would love for you to read a bit more about Jabu and Thumbuni Coffee at Ideas Assembly.

 Thumbuni Coffee

Thumbuni Coffee is a project Jabu has been dreaming of since he entered the world of coffee. When he found out he could get a little help from a friend that was it! Thumbuni Coffee was born. Jabu hopes to give back to the community by training a whole generation of baristas. Not only is Jabu’s coffee fantastic, he also serves a mean red velvet hot chocolate that has been an instant hit this winter. There’s a variety of great snacks and fantastic people at Thumbuni, everything you need for a great work day. Have a look at this beautiful profile by Daniel Rademeyer.


How long have you been a barista? I have been a barista since April 2012.

Why did you want to become a barista? At first, it was about having a job, but after about 3 months I fell in love with being a barista and I love the industry.

Do you prefer single origin coffee beans or do you like a blend? I prefer a blend; my reason is we can manipulate the flavour profile to our taste buds.

Who is your inspiration and why? In South Africa, at the time that I started, Ishan Natalie was a great inspiration. Internationally, I follow people on Instagram that inspire my latté art.

What is your favourite drink to make? My favourite is a latté, because of the opportunity to show my skills with latté art.

 Ideas Assembly

Ideas Assembly is a coworking space focused on providing workspaces for a community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses. As self-starters, Mahomed Suhale Baksh and Zakkiya Khan enjoys the freedom of being self-employed. The problem with being self-employed is that it removes freelancers from the community colleagues provide during the work day. Cafés became their primary place to do business and even though it included great coffee it often lacked necessary amenities that helps productivity. This was the seed that resulted in the start of Ideas Assembly. Facilities at Ideas Assembly includes a clean and minimally designed workspace, high-speed internet, printing and scanning facilities, meeting rooms and of course, Jabu’s coffee!

To give them some love go follow them on the links below or if you’d like to visit just click on the address and make your way to Thumbuni Coffee!

Facebook // Instagram // Address

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