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The Wolfpack of Kream

Wolfpack of Kream on Rita Hello

A little while back we had the wonderful opportunity to hang out at Kream with some amazing people. At first, when I got the invite I must say I was intrigued, I love stories and I liked the idea of actually hearing theirs. Before the tasting I’ve never actually been at Kream, I know a few people that have been and in the past, a bunch of people has recommended dining there. By some, it has been described as an ‘anniversary’ spot, since André and I don’t do big anniversaries we’ve never made use of the suggestion. So armed with the titbits of information I collected everywhere we set out to attend the tasting and the unveiling of the Wolfpack as they call themselves. Another great surprise was ‘running into’ the ladies from I Love Pretoria and their partners. The mixture of incredible food, the array of delicious wine and great company made for a memorable and invigorating evening.

It was so difficult to round up, but here’s a list of my favourites that evening:

La Vierge Original Sin

I’m a sucker for packaging and the fact that the label is textured like snakeskin, paired with a snake coiled around the neck of the bottle (obviously referring to the snake in the garden of Eden) was so well thought out immediately contributed to this being my first favourite. The most important fact though is that it tastes amazing, I could dish out a few snobby terms, but point is that is was fresh, fruity and breezy.

Fillet Perigourdine

This was perfection and I’m fussy, oh so fussy. Make sure you order a fillet at Kream. You won’t be disappointed.


I don’t even know where, to begin with this dessert. As I’ve uttered very loudly and with tons of enthusiasm that night, it tastes like the best parts of my childhood all in one plate. The dessert was a fairy-like white chocolate pannacotta with liquorice syrup, coconut coral sponge, black sesame seed crisp, meringue and watermelon gelato. Yum!

Fleur du Cap Noble Late Harvest

This baby was a crowd pleaser like you won’t believe. Made from as the name suggests, handpicked late harvest grapes that have already started fermenting, this is a sweet but incredibly likable dessert wine. Definitely, something I would like to add to our meagre collection.

Inverroche Amber Gin

Victor introduced us to this incredible gin as soon as he heard we were fellow gin lovers. He graciously poured as a Classic, a Verdant and an Amber. I loved the Classic but the Amber stole the spotlight in my opinion. If you’re an avid gin drinker, Inverroche is from an incredible local distillery in Stillbay.

You can read a more in-depth article about the Wolfpack by having a look at the piece I wrote for the Sunday Times‘s Lifestyle and property magazine insert Your Neighbourhood here on page 3: The Wolfpack of Brooklyn Bridge.

Kream by Rita HelloKream by Rita HelloKream by Rita HelloKream by Rita HelloKream by Rita HelloKream by Rita HelloKream by Rita HelloKream by Rita HelloKream by Rita HelloKream by Rita HelloKream by Rita HelloKream by Rita HelloKream by Rita Hello Kream by Rita Hello Kream by Rita Hello

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