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Tallard and the Ladderbird on Rita Hello

Pretoria is buzzing with creativity and it has me clapping my hands together with joy. There is nothing as great as seeing local creatives getting together to create something magical and I suspect that this event I’m about to tell you about is going to be just that, MAGICAL.

Tallard and the Ladderbird on Rita Hello

Tallard and the Ladderbird is an original musical puppet theater production which will be showing on the 19th and the 21st of September 2015 at the iMPAC Film Festival.

The production is the brain child of Nina Torr (Producer and Art Director) and Jessica Ng (Writer and Director). Nadine Minnaar is supervising the production design. The original score for the performance is being composed by Pieter Bezuidenhout, who was also involved in the documentary In Search of our Own: The Forgotten Legacy of Norman Eaton. The puppets are all large scale puppets and the puppeteers have all been trained by Marinda Botha. This video made by PJ Kotze explains it all very nicely.

The iMPAC Film Festival is proud to present Tallard and the Ladderbird, an original musical puppet theater production featuring the Horizons Project Choir and a guest performance by Laurika Rauch.
We tell the tale of Tallard, an ungainly and uncomfortably tall girl who struggles to find her place in the world. When she one day coughs up an egg that is believed to bring peace once hatched, she, of course, sets off on a mission to try and do so. Along the way, she meets Longdawg, a lengthy and loving dog who becomes a welcome companion on her dangerous journey.

Tallard and the Ladderbird on Rita Hello

So essentially what I’m getting at is that they have a crowdfunding project set up to take the production on tour and to help with some of the costs of getting the on stage. I think it is a good investment and the ‘Perks’ you can buy are fantastic! There are even two Nina Torr originals up for grabs as well as limited edition prints. Go have a look and if you have a few bucks to spare throw it their way.


Tallard and the Ladderbird INDIEGOGO Campaign

If you would like to purchase tickets to see their show at this year’s iMPAC Film Festival just follow the link below.

Buy Tickets

 I’ve posted about Nina’s work before here, I’m excited to see this new venture. To stay updated, go like the Tallard and the Ladderbird Facebook page.

Thanks for stopping by and remember to buy some tickets or donate to help this great project.

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