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Sublime cinemagraphs by Andrew and Carissa Gallo


I’ve always loved the idea of moving imagery and Andrew & Carissa Gallo’s depiction of these various windy Iceland landscapes is such an amazing use of exactly this. The concept of moving imagery is not unknown to us with the amount of GIFs roaming the internet. These however are not only thoughtful and magical but they also make great use of the capabilities this format. Something I think I would love to also explore in my own capacity.
Not only do I love the fact that they found a thought provoking way to use GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format), I love the placement of these ghost like characters in their vastly beautiful landscapes. The use of contained movement within the frame is both unsettling and mesmerising to look at. The loop that you obviously get with this format makes this so much more interesting; it creates the illusion of movement and combined with the promise of all that open space, even though the movement feels so progressive, the repetitive nature of the movement combined with their stance, in my opinion, eludes to these characters being stuck. I think the movement actually contributes to this more than what it would have if they were still. I’m not sure if that was what the duo tried to portray in these shots but nevertheless they are hauntingly beautiful and I wish I had more of them to look at.

There is a great write up about their work on Ignant that you might like to check out. A while back I also did a post on Carissa Gallo’s Colour Study which is just as brilliant. Go have a look if you’d like.

Andrew and Carissa Gallo Cinemagraphs on Rita Hello 3

Andrew and Carissa Gallo Cinemagraphs on Rita Hello 2

Andrew and Carissa Gallo Cinemagraphs on Rita Hello 4


I’ve been fairly quiet these last couple of weeks and it is because our remodel is in full swing. I am busy preparing some posts regarding this and I can’t wait to share our experience.

I would love to hear your thoughts and some ideas around these cinemagraphs. So I invite you to join the conversation. Just remember to be considerate and nice.

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