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Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair Spree

Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair on Rita Hello 2

I haven’t posted in a while, the reason being a lack of internet. We’ve had some internet issues for the last week that hopefully we’ll get sorted as soon as possible. Sigh! Ready yourself for a HEAVY post! Grab a cup of coffee and treat your eyes.

Luckily we had the Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair to keep me from tweaking over our internet dry spout. This might also be the reason for me splurging the way I did! This was the first time I attended and it would definitely not be the last. What a superbly curated event! If you missed out, I’m sorry. I by choice decided not to take a camera along and just soak up and enjoy the event. I’m so glad I did! I did, however, grab business cards everywhere.

I loved being able to see all the crafters and makers that I have long adored on social media and magazines. I finally got to see the Boss armchair from Dark House outside of a magazine spread and I’m thrilled!!!! It took a lot of restraint not to just throw my card at them and say swipe. Another nice plus was discovering some brands I’ve never heard of. It is no surprise that I went on a bit of a swiping spree.

I’ve made a list of all my favourite exhibitors we encountered and their products I really like.



What I really enjoyed about Goet was their lighting and their black steel kitchen cupboards. I was immediately sad that I didn’t have another kitchen I could renovate with these beauties! If I had a kid that kid would most definitely be spoiled as hell and he or she would have one of these rocking horses!


11990606_885068988207159_5136495641239003800_n 11800397_859218637458861_6865438061244857151_n rocking-horse_02


When we started renovating I really wanted exquisite taps, spouts, plug covers and light covers. I couldn’t find any that I really liked and that worked in unison. We could find bits and bobs but they didn’t work together and obviously, they were hellishly expensive. We opted to splurge on things we couldn’t change later on and we got pleasing fittings. Guess what? We found beautiful ones. They have such a wide selection of imported fittings, it is incredible. Copper spouts with marble mixers.



 Dark Horse

Like I said before, I’m a massive fan! I’ve been a long time admirer of the Boss Armchair and new on my list is their gorgeous round mirrors. It is difficult to exclude some of the products but these two designs are on my list of must haves!


MG-1041 Mirror-Header DH_Boss-Armchair-Brown-Header-01b


This is where I lost the plot. I wasn’t planning on buying jewellery and I had one look at their jewellery and I caved. These guys were so superbly nice. They had an incredibly busy stall and still made time to help out with my chubby fingers. Thanks, guys, wish you were closer!


Cat_rings_1024x1024 Shapey-Ring-007_final_1024x1024 Stack_Rings_1024x1024

 Smith Jewellery

I never knew about Smith Jewellery, what a pity! Thank goodness my amazing friend insisted we pop in. What an incredible artist Anna Raimondo is! She makes anything from vertebrae rings, bird talon necklaces from her Bones Collection to toy soldier cufflinks. By the way, those are my three favourites. This is on my list of must haves as well! My dad would most likely chime in here and say ‘What isn’t?’. Anyway, her work is incredible and I really think this is on of those pieces you’ll always treasure.


Vertebrae Gilt Ring on Rita Hello

Skeleton Bangle on Rita Hello

Gilt Talon Neck Cuff on Rita Hello

Gilt Talon Cuff on Rita Hello


Father Coffee

You know it, I know it, these guys are superb! Oh my word, if it weren’t for their ice coffee I would’ve melted. I’ve had first-hand experience of how proud they are of their product and if that was my coffee I would be too. Thanks for keeping me happy!




These guys are always a favourite. With a massive arsenal of crazy cool ceramic products and loads consistently current designs, who could grow tired of them? I finally acquired Dolly, which I’ve been eyeing for ages!!! I almost didn’t because I spent about 15 minutes standing around deciding what would go home with us. Difficult choice since I wanted everything.




 Suki Suki

What great all natural products! I wish I could walk away with everything! Andre got a beard oil (This was partly so that I can feel better about buying so much stuff for myself!). The smell is divine. I bought a hair oil since I used the last bit of my Morrocan Oil that same morning. I’ve been pleasantly surprised! The beautiful luxurious design on the bottles was also partly to blame for me buying these!




 Lulu & Marula

I’ve heard of Lulu &Marula, saw the beautiful design and followed along. Now I have my very own set of skincare spoils. I’ve used her products for about 3 days now and so far so good. I’m super happy and I feel like a damn daisy after I’ve used it because I smell so incredibly good!



Photo by Zana

Benji + Moon

I’ve been waiting for this since like FOREVER! I love my little fur friend and I want to give her just the best, but holy moly I don’t appreciate having neon orange, pink and blue lying around everywhere in the house. These are gorgeous, locally crafted pet goodies in muted colours (thank goodness) and I’m so excited about the fact that they cater for cats too. Now I’m just waiting for some pretty leather cat collars!



12095281_750249505121390_7952069307955257406_o 12140208_750249458454728_8525595991786535156_o 12138598_750249311788076_479446233684406179_o


 Studio 19

They day I own some Studio 19 lighting I can die happy. This is the kind of design that makes me want to break into song and get all lyrical. See this light below, top middle, it needs to hang in our living space and the one in the left top corner. I’ll truly feel like a sophisticated grown up when my house is filled with design like this. Studio 19 not only has amazing products but they’re also responsible for some beautiful shop interiors in Pretoria such as Ginger and Fig‘s amazing space as well as the ever gorgeous Wonen+. If you go through their catalogues you’ll understand why it makes my all giddy.




And now…. I had a bit of a spree and this was what I treated myself to! I went a bit crazy but I regret nothing!


Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair on Rita Hello_0001 Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair on Rita Hello_0002

Lulu & Marula Bath Oil, Facial Kit and Lip Balm

Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair on Rita Hello_0007

Benji + Moon Cat Bowl

Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair on Rita Hello_0006

Ceramic Factory Dolly

Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair on Rita Hello_0003

Suki Suki Beard Oil

Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair on Rita Hello_0004

Suki Suki Miraculous Oil

Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair on Rita Hello_0005

Famke Midi Ring and Shape Ring


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