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A Quirky Easter with Jack Rabbit

Jack Rabbit Chocolate Studio's Quirky Artisan Easter Chocolates

First of all, you might remember Jack Rabbit Chocolate Studio from a post I did last year. In that post, artisan chocolatier Stephanie van Vuuren shared her foolproof Salted Caramel and Chocolate Torte recipe. She told us more about her love for chocolate and what it takes to actually produce glossy, delicious chocolate. It is now little over a year later hence we decided to have a reunion of sorts. Stephanie convinced me that if you’re going to stuff your face with chocolate, do it the right way; with prettiness and good quality!

 About Jack Rabbit Chocolate Studio

Stephanie is such an inspiration for anyone pursuing a calling in a creative field. Going from programmer to helping run her family’s engineering business, Stephanie’s decision to pursue her creativity has been quite the journey. Now, with the avid support of her daughter and husband, Stephanie is stepping closer and closer to her dream of having her own shop and studio in which she can host workshops and tastings. It was the technical challenge chocolate provides that hooked Stephanie and it is this that continues to provide constant allure in this field. She is largely driven by the pursuit of technical and flavour mastery. “It’s lucky that making chocolate also makes me happy.” Her dreams for herself and Jack Rabbit includes being a recognised luxury gifting experience, known for consistent high quality and innovative products nationwide. A dream I believe isn’t too far off.

“I love impressionist watercolours and oil painting. I try to make my chocolates look as if they could be riotous snippets from an oil painting. I’m influenced by many different painters, but I enjoy creating “splash-effects” and colour contrasts, and I feel the greatest affinity with the likes of van Gogh and Jackson Pollock. More recently, I’m trying out more watercolour effects.”

If you would like to learn more about Stephanie and Jack Rabbit Chocolate Studio, be sure to read the tenth issue of Editéur Plus. This incredibly pretty and resourceful online magazine is a must-read for all creative enthusiasts.

Photoshoot Inspiration

Seeing that it is Easter and chocolate eggs reign this time of year, we decided to have a little shoot to show off Stephanie’s mind-blowing talents. Her fun interpretation of a dropped Easter egg, deviled eggs and of course her Africa inspired Easter eggs made us decide to go less cute and more quirk. We went for a 70’s inspired colour scheme with a just a splash of millennial pink. The ceramic skull is a definite favourite in our house and you can get your own from Railheim.

 What’s New: Vegan Chocolate

As a non-vegan, Stephanie never really thought much about dairy alternatives. A friend pointed out that that choice of vegan chocolate was extremely limited. She decided to see if she could do anything to make her chocolates more accessible to vegans or anyone trying to avoid diary. Her love for technical challenges and experimenting made this the perfect venture for Stephanie. After much deliberation and experimentation she found the correct balance with replacement ingredients. It is good enough that she actually begun liking it more that her original recipe. After running a small test group Stephanie found that many people wouldn’t even be able to identify her vegan chocolate from diary varieties and some even preferred the vegan option. Vegan chocolates suitable for non-vegans!

All in all, I think it has been a great year for Jack Rabbit and I sincerely hope there’s even better ones to come. If you’d like to spoil your mum on Mother’s Day or if you’d just like to reward yourself for being awesome give Jack Rabbit a shout. You can contact Stephanie by emailing her at info(at)jackrabbitchocolate.co.za.

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