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Project Front Door | Hello there cheery pink!


In 2012 we went on a trip to Ireland. Our first stop was, of course, Dublin and I was blown away by all the beautiful doors! I wish I could go back right now and photographs all of them.

I’ve decided that our new front door will be trying on a few colours. Since the front door at the new house is situated in an awfully depressing spot (the complex built a ‘garage’ right in front of the door), we’ll liven it up. We also love Ireland and our family there, so this will also be a nice way to remember our holiday with them. So I’ve been looking at some colours for doors and however I know pink will never fly with the mister, a girl can still dream right? Maybe we can do a colour swop every year or two…

Pink door on Good Lookin'
Pink door on Good Lookin'
Pink doors on Good Lookin'
Pink door on Good Lookin'
Pink front door on Good Lookin'

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