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Finery Fair 2015

The Finery Fair 2015

Last week Thursday, on Heritage Day, we headed off to Rosemary Hill for a visit to the much anticipated Finery Fair. I initially approached the lovely ladies from The Finery Fair for a Your Neighbourhood post after a wedding venue hunt at Rosemary Hill. I’ve seen all their lovely advertising and bought tickets right away. Here’s what they have to say…

The Finery Fair was born out of The Finery Makers initiative. We wanted to create an affair that would showcase the talented artists and artisans that our country has to offer. Many artists have the passion but they do not know how to be self-sustainable or find it too hard to make ends meet. Abandoning their craft, we as a country lose out on talent, passion, and creativity that could be channeled into problem-solving and more job creation.  We want to enable promising Finery Makers with skills and knowledge to take their creativity to the next level and generate within them an entrepreneurial spirit. Our focus is specifically on Gauteng as we feel there is a wealth of unidentified and untapped creativity. We believe that design or creative thinking is more than just pretty pictures, catchy melodies or nice art, but that it should be channeled into accountable, originally creative ventures, competing not only locally but also on an international level.

The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker… In a society where most things are mass produced and imported we want to remind South Africans about the quality and value of something handmade and crafted.  The Finery Fair is a place where new talent is born and bred and engaging the audience as they become part of the journey, discovering the hottest, trendiest, fine things. The collection of handpicked Finery Makers promises to transport fairgoers to the world where quality is still king and something made-with-love actually means more than a tagline.

We had a lovely time with friends and I ate a buttload more than I had ought to. I discovered some new things and had the lovely opportunity to revisit some I already had the pleasure experiencing. Some of my favourite food and snack stalls included Earl Grey and Oreo as well as the Amarula Macarons from Mmm Macarons, Seafood Paella from Tutto Food Co. and Chai Tea fudge from the ever amazing Black Salt (also see my post about Market@The Sheds). Some of my favourite products…There were so many great exhibitors but the ones that really stood out were the rings from Son of Burnard, leather bags from Kozmik and the absolutely adorable little vellies for babies from Boshoff Handcrafted.

All and all, we had a lovely time! Yays all round for the finer things in life. Be sure to keep an eye out for the next Finery Fair.

The Finery Fair 2015 on Rita Hello_0015

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