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Oumie’s Cabinet Renovation | Before and After

Cabinet Renovation on Rita Hello_0011 copy

A few years ago my gran (also named Rita, the coolest grandmother ever), who I call Oumie gave me this lovely piece of furniture that apparently housed some communication equipment at some point. She rediscovered it during a move to Johannesburg and kindly asked if I wanted it. Obviously I jumped at the opportunity for an old piece of furniture and since it has had various spots in our home.
At one stage I loved the distressed look it had and I decided to keep it that way until I knew what I wanted to do with it. As time went by more and more paint started chipping and falling off, only to reveal some pretty rad features.

In November Andre and I decided it was time to renovate this baby. We’ve got a few things we need to update and renovate so we decided to use all our pent up energy to do that before the big move. Oumie’s cabinet was our first project.

Who doesn’t like some before pics? In some way I love this piece despite our great renovation efforts, albeit you would agree that it had it’s own kind of fat pants on. Plus, now you can see the lovely wood that was hidden beneath those incredibly stubborn 4 or so layers of enamel paint.

Cabinet Renovation on Rita HelloCabinet Renovation on Rita Hello_0002

We decided to remove the doors, not only were they a bit worn, but to be honest we (or shall I say I) just weren’t sure if we would be able to make proper doors. Now, I definitely like it this way; doorless and loud in a yellowy kind of way.

Cabinet Renovation on Rita Hello_0004

We love how there are various bands running both vertically and horizontally. Getting the paint off was a mission, but worth it.

Cabinet Renovation on Rita Hello_0005

We removed the masonite backboard and replaced it with a plywood backboard, since the backboard kind of holds it together we opted for a more sturdy option.

Cabinet Renovation on Rita Hello_0006

We ended up using a silicone based product for wood to seal the opening between the top and the rest of the cabinet.  After it was sanded down we painted to inside with a pop of colour and varnished the cabinet.

Cabinet Renovation on Rita Hello_0007

We drove the neighbours crazy with sanding machines, made a few mistakes,  felt like we were going to faint working in the sun, cursed when it rained and we couldn’t work on our beloved cabinet, but we did it! Here is our pride and joy!

Cabinet Renovation on Rita Hello_0008

We might use it as a little display cabinet for awesome things like this film camera Andre gave me for Christmas or who knows it might become a room hopper and we’ll change it up every now and again.

Cabinet Renovation on Rita Hello_0009Cabinet Renovation on Rita Hello_0010 copy

So here is the final product! We love it, right now  it is sporting a stack of 1960’s Reader Digests, my circa 1930’s film camera, a porcelain Bambi light from Typo and Oros by Nina Torr we bought a few months ago.

Cabinet Renovation on Rita Hello_0011 copy


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