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Speak in Messes by Morné Venter

Morne Venter Speak in Messes

The Story

We’ve been friends with Morné for quite a while and I’ve never for a moment stopped admiring his unwavering confidence and creativity. When I was in first year André took me over to Morné so he could help me with Photoshop or Illustrator, I’m not sure which since it was such a long time ago. I just remember he was busy with an animation, it was actually a claymation if I’m not mistaken. I was in complete awe and the fact that you could choose between various endings blew my mind. It has been amazing to see glimses of his journey up to this point. As I started plotting out what I would write in this post a few things hit me straight between the eyes.

Morne’s work since I’ve known him has always been such an honest representation of himself. His earlier work had an element of goofy and adventure, it is so apt because anybody who knows him or has seen him on stage playing bass in his briefs at Oppi, knows he is anything but ordinary. There is no pretense, no pseudointellectual high horseness. Morné has always been a take-me-as-I-am kind of guy and his work reflects that. He sticks to what he has authority to talk about and transparently explores the unfamiliar. Morné is brave and it shows in his work, he dares to play. There have been numerous times where a short chat with Morne left me so incredibly inspired.

Morné if I could be just a little bit more like you that would be awesome! High five friend!

The Artist

So after reading all that I think I owe you some credentials, here’s the all official sounding write up of Morné.

Morné Venter is a Pretoria-based artist and designer working primarily in ink and mixed media exploring the relationship between text and image in an experimental manner. He was born in Roodepoort in 1988 and completed a BA degree in Information Design at the University of Pretoria in 2010. Venter has participated in group exhibitions in Johannesburg and Pretoria and qualified as a finalist in the Sasol New Signatures 2015 competition. He is also the creator of a regular webcomic, Putdownness, which he started in 2012. Morné explores the ever-shifting interpretations of self-identity and human connection and his work is marked by an open-endedness that invites the viewer to impose their own experiences to create a personal and intimate connection.


The Exhibition

If you would like to meet this awesome person and get a first hand experience of not only his infectious laugh and sharp humour but also his incredible work have a looksie here. Morné’s one-night only solo exhibition, entitled ‘Speak in messes’ will be taking place on 29 October 2015. The exhibition will feature a large variety of work produced by Morné during the past year.

The work explores themes of identity, connection and relationships through through the artist signature style. The concept of the show centers around the idea that human beings are fundamentally messy, abstracted and loosely connected parts and experiences. Our attempts to connect and interact with those around us can only be mediated by our messy natures – hence speaking through messes. The title also alludes to the process of the artist which features deliberate mess-making and accidental mark-making. The exhibition will also feature live portrait drawing by the artist and other merchandise based on the artists’ webcomic ‘Putdownness’.

“Speak in messes” is part of the City Soiree / Drawingrooms initiative. An initiative I’m personally very excited about. It gives artists the opportunity to hosts exhibitions without crippling gallery costs. This initiative hosts artists in a home for a one-night-only exhibition and is completely funded by fans and friends. The exhibition needs 40 pledges to kick-off and there will be a lucky draw where one fan can win art to the minimum value of R4000.

Morné has almost reached the required amount of pledges, so hurry up and pledge before you miss out on some amazing original artworks by this legend! Pledging is only R100, join in for some great fun and meet some super people.




Morne Venter Speak in Messes on Rita Hello Morne Venter Speak in Messes on Rita Hello Morne Venter Speak in Messes on Rita Hello Morne Venter Speak in Messes on Rita Hello Morne Venter Speak in Messes on Rita Hello Morne Venter Speak in Messes on Rita Hello

All images in this post are copyright of Morné Venter.

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