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Monochrome Christmas Gift Tags | Free Printable

Monochrome Christmas Tags

This year we’ve been doing most of everything super last minute, our cards, shopping, all of it really! However, gift wrapping and cards are a BIG thing in this house when it comes to Christmas. This year I decided on a completely random but monochrome theme. You’ll find anything from French and German wishes to some more South African cards. I’ve even included an Afrikaans card this year that reads “Krismis Korrek!”, it essentially means Christmas the right way. If you don’t like overly decorate tags and your yearning for an extremely minimal Christmas tag, I’ve got you covered. If this is not your cup of tea you might like the tags I made last year, you can download those here.

In South Africa we celebrate Christmas in summer which means watermelon and ice-cream hopefully by the pool, some are fortunate enough to spend Christmas close to a beach. At my parents, Christmas is usually accompanied by my mom’s homemade lemonade with frozen strawberries and late night chats on the porch decorated with whimsical fairy lights. Though most of us yearn for a white Christmas, we love our sunny Christmases, there is just nothing like it.

I hope you all have an incredibly festive Christmas and cheers to some great memories bound to be made.


Select ‘Actual size’ and not ‘Fit to printable area’.

A nice thick paper works well.

We printed ours on watercolour paper to keep the hand-painted effect.

When you click on download the document will open in a new tab, just select print or save it to your desktop and print from there.

Christmas-Gift-Tags-on-Rita-Hello_0002Christmas Gift Tags on Rita Hello_0028Christmas-Gift-Tags-on-Rita-Hello_0036



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