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Melrose Antique Fair 2014

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About two weeks ago we saw the Melrose Antique Fair advertised on a street pole and immediately put a reminder on our calendars. So yesterday we decided to take on the drizzly, gloomy day, seize the moment and just go!

My aunt took me to the Melrose House when I was about eight or nine and I’ve never forgotten the place. In 1990 a bomb almost destroyed the house but thank goodness they restored it to it’s former glory. When I was a kid I was fascinated by the strips of the original wallpaper they left, the beautiful stained glass windows and gorgeous stairs. I was overjoyed when I realised this was a great opportunity to return to this majestically gorgeous house. The place still gives me the heebie-jeebies, especially the servant’s quarters, but nonetheless it’s amazing to think this place is tucked away in the city.

The market was incredible, the only pity was that we probably only saw a quarter of the stuff there since the rain had the collectors and dealers packing up most of their items. I did however snap some of the cool things there, most of the bigger things were covered in plastic.

It was a lovely day filled with great people, beautiful items from times gone by and an amazing new addition to our home. I took a ton of business cards and would love to help out if you need any contacts. We saw the most wonderful things at Rebekha’s Antiques, Rebekha has the most amazing pieces. You can also look at her Facebook account, she posts items as she finds them. She is a member of the NAADA and can help you out with appraisals, valuations and sales.


 Melrose House

275 Jeff Masemola Street

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Tuesdays to Sundays from 10h00 to 17h00.  Closed on Mondays and certain public holidays.

Free parking is available at 280 Scheiding Street



Adults  R 20.00
Pensioners, Students R 10.00
R 5.00
Guided tours (bookings only)   R 80 per hour (1 – 20 persons)

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We saw a lovely art deco style lamp and fell in love! The tripod is from the 1920’s and it has brass legs that extend to different heights. The lamp head was added later, I’m no expert but it looks a bit 60’s. I think the reason we love this piece so much is that it’s like our decor, a mix of old and new in a way. How awesome?

1920's revamped Tripod Lamp on Rita Hello

When we needed to pay for the lamp we met the galant James Findlay from Jelly Fish Tree, James is an antiquarian book dealer. He has an incredible collection of documentation, maps, books and artworks, not only does he only sell original, very sought after items he can tell you the history of each piece. He has old passbooks, first edition prints and other incredible items.

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