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Mega Bonanza | 1000 Islands

Mega Bonanza 1000 Islands Exhibition on Rita Hello

Mega Bonanza was one of the very first posts I wrote on this blog, their 2014 Bazooka exhibition was a blast and this year was just as fantastic.

 Mega Bonanza

Mega Bonanza is an illustration collective formed by Nina Torr, Maaike Bakker, Werner Burger from Albino Creations and PJ Kotze from Bonanza Films fueled by a mutual love of pizza, wine, and general chaos…

The rule of the collective is that each member gets to work on every piece, engaging in a visual dialogue which is based on improvisation. Mega Bonanza’s output is thus an intuitive mediation of the expressions of its members, which reflects their response to their surroundings and collective state of mind.

 1000 Islands

This year’s exhibition was titled 1000 Islands.  The exhibition was curated by Tharien Strydom from Swagger Collective as part of her  Food + Art: Interactive Exhibitions initiative. Think gourmet junk food banquet meets art and décor lovingly created by Mega Bonanza! The food (which was amazing!) was catered by Prep’ed by Sasha Catering and guests were given the opportunity to go crazy with toppings on fries. Salty sweet fries never tasted this good.

If you don’t want to miss future events, make sure to like the Food + Art: Interactive Exhibitions Facebook page and keep up with exhibition announcements.

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