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Maria Magdalena Illustration and Design

Maria Magdalena

 The Artist

Designer and illustrator Maria Magdalena van Wyk resides in beautiful Cape Town. She makes the most wonderful ceramic one of a kind magpie bowls, magical illustrations and she also does freelance design. She has exhibited in both Cape Town and New York as well as being featured in various blogs, Design Indaba, Visi and Between 10 and 5.  Even more exciting, she’ll be doing a meet and greet at Nomads and Co. on Thursday, 10 September 2015. (Update) Between 10 and 5 also did a feature on her, so if you would like to read more about her work, click here.


 The Story

Lately, I’ve just been making it rain! My spending spree spiraled out of control and it did not stop after my last Jane Sews Carter coat splurge, oh no. On the 1st of September, Maria Magdalena announced a 30% sneaky sale on her limited edition fine art prints, and I succumbed to my new splurge habit again. About a week prior I had a print and one of her gorgeous, one-of-a-kind handmade cobalt blue majolica magpie bowls in my cart. Unfortunately, I had to run for a meeting and I closed the tab and decided I’ll buy it while I’m not at work. Low and behold the sneaky sale struck and I decided it was meant to be! I finally bought ‘Winona’! Kahla, our cat, used to wrap herself around our necks exactly like the cat in the illustration before cat ‘adultness’ overcame her.

What I found most amazing about all of this besides obviously our gorgeous new artworks was the packaging, the story about Winona and the effort she makes with the care instructions. Accompanied with our print we got to read both MM as well as Winona’s story.




We love that she chooses to print on paper with a cause from Papersmith & Son.

For every ton of Stephen paper sold, Papersmith & Son donates R2000 towards JAM (www.jamint.com) to help feed hungry children in South Africa


Website // Instagram // Facebook // Twitter 

Winona‘ from the Wander Collection

Cobalt Majolica No.1

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