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Laurène Boglio on Repeat

Laurène Boglio GIFS on Rita Hello

If there’s one thing that I find both mesmerising and fun it is GIFs. When it is well-made GIFs, even better. I’ve shared some work by great artists and I’m always on the lookout for more work that makes me smile. I love how various artists have taken advantage of the possibilities this format holds. I’d like to introduce you to Laurène Boglio whose monochrome works have stolen my heart.

 About Laurène Boglio

Laurène Boglio is a French illustrator currently residing in London. Her client list includes the like of The New York Times, BBC, Little White Lies, Milk Magazine and much more. Boglio draws her animations frame by frame which in itself is incredible. Drawing inspiration from everything on both the internet and her own life her ‘old-school’ approach to creating animations can be deemed as therapeutic.

Concerning my animated gifs, I usually make one for each horrible or weird period of my life, or just about odd, or funny things I’ve seen. I spend a huge amount of time online, browsing through illustrations, photographies, nice and clever layouts, well balanced typography…

Laurène Boglio on We Are Visual Animals


Laurène Boglio GIFs on Rita Hello Laurène Boglio GIFs on Rita Hello


References | We Are Visual Animals, It’s Nice That, Ignant. All opinions are my own.

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