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Ok, so yesterday a brand new online store launched that I am just thrilled about. I’ve been waiting for this launch for over two weeks. I’ve been bursting to tell everyone and I’m so happy that I can share all this glorious prettiness with you.

Greyroom is as local as they come, this Pretoria-born shop has a catalogue to die for. I call it comfortable folksy chic you’d be proud to have in your home, I sure know I would! Greyroom currently offers a wide variety of handwoven textiles such as rugs, throws, comforters, and blankets. I don’t know about you but I find rugs to be an incredibly difficult choice of décor to buy. My taste is always way too expensive for my budget, the rugs creatives like me can afford are usually so tiny it can hardly be a doormat or it is just plain ugly. That is why I’m getting so excited about these, no ugly patterns, just they right amount of business and oh, the colours! They’ve also got great accent pieces such as wonderful stools, a floor pillow, and very Boho wallhangings. The most darling of it all is, of course, the encaustic tiles…. My absolute favourite pattern is most certainly, without a doubt, the Geo pattern. Tiles, where were you when we renovated? Hmm? Alas, I’ve decided that although we’ve pretty much-decided necessities first, I can still find a necessary space somewhere for them. Tiles aren’t only for bathrooms and kitchens you know.  So now, let the wanting begin!

PrittibyMigneonMarais-5209 PrittibyMigneonMarais-5218 PrittibyMigneonMarais-5308 PrittibyMigneonMarais-5319 PrittibyMigneonMarais-7733 PrittibyMigneonMarais-7741 PrittibyMigneonMarais-7754 PrittibyMigneonMarais-7770 PrittibyMigneonMarais-7791 PrittibyMigneonMarais-7803 PrittibyMigneonMarais-7841 PrittibyMigneonMarais-7853 PrittibyMigneonMarais-7863
PrittibyMigneonMarais-7893 PrittibyMigneonMarais-7903 PrittibyMigneonMarais-7936 PrittibyMigneonMarais-7941 PrittibyMigneonMarais-7947 PrittibyMigneonMarais-7972 PrittibyMigneonMarais-7990 PrittibyMigneonMarais-8002 PrittibyMigneonMarais-8019 PrittibyMigneonMarais-8034 PrittibyMigneonMarais-8039 PrittibyMigneonMarais-8059 PrittibyMigneonMarais-8063 PrittibyMigneonMarais-8073 PrittibyMigneonMarais-8076 PrittibyMigneonMarais-8077 PrittibyMigneonMarais-8083 PrittibyMigneonMarais-8084 PrittibyMigneonMarais-8086
PrittibyMigneonMarais-8088 PrittibyMigneonMarais-8091-2
PrittibyMigneonMarais-8095 PrittibyMigneonMarais-8097 PrittibyMigneonMarais-8099 PrittibyMigneonMarais-8100 PrittibyMigneonMarais-8104 PrittibyMigneonMarais-8106 PrittibyMigneonMarais-8110

Photographed by Pritti

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