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Goodbye Girls

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It is with great sadness I bid farewell to one of my favourite shows of all times. Very dramatic, I know. With every episode in this last season, I cried just a little bit, like slowly opening a carbonated drink to prevent it from exploding. It was, however, the second last episode that got me. If I knew I was saying goodbye to the bulk of the cast I think I might have savoured it even more. But alas, I can at least start all over again.

 Girls HBO

For the half a decade Girls has been on the air,  I completely submerged myself in the stories of Hannah, Jessa, Shoshanna, Marnie, Adam, Elijah, and Ray. Now that it all came to an end I’ve come up for air and I realised just how much it became a part of my life. Lena Dunham’s writing gave me all the feels, from the anger about the self-absorbedness of the characters, the cringe-worthy moments, the intense sadness and laugh out loud moments, I felt it all. So if you haven’t seen Girls, it is about time you’re enlightened and hopefully, Nina Cosford’s drawings would convert you.

 Nina Cosford

Illustrator Nina Cosford has also been along for the journey and she perfectly captured so many of my favourite moments. Nina Cosford is based in England and has an impressive list of clients such as HBO, Marie Claire and Nokia. Throughout the series’s running time Cosford has created an array of illustrations for Girls. With anything from quotes to scenes, it is bound to take you on a trip through memory lane. If you like Cosford’s work you can also become a patron and help her make more!

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