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Gold Kitchen Inspiration

Gold Accent Kitchens on Rita Hello

I’ve been renting for about six years now and I know all the pains that go with renting. The stock standard kitchen with its yellowing white melamine, badly planned cupboard space, the cheap oven that makes your beautiful fluffy cake fall flat (or in my case only grills).
When I moved into the apartment we live in now, we scrubbed every nook and cranny, the oven was only used after we cleaned it at least five times. Somehow there was tough oil splatter over the wall that took some industrial cleaning products to get off. We painted over the totally gross white cupboards and I had Andre help me lift a bookshelf onto the counter to create some more storage space, and to hide an ugly ‘decorative’  tile with a street market scene on. So you imagine how delighted we are to say that next year we’ll be moving into our very own apartment!

In July, bright eyed and full of vigour, we started house hunting. We soon realised that there were certain things we just couldn’t live with: stock standard kitchens and bathrooms. We looked at loads of apartments and decided that we would have to choose a place with a truly crappy kitchen so we could rip that sucker out and start fresh. There was absolutely no point in paying more for a place with a relatively new kitchen knowing that we can’t stand the layout.

A few weeks ago we found a place with good bones, it has a good layout and flow and loads of potential. The kitchen…is being ripped out! Since we’ll only probably get the keys at the end of November and December is builder’s holidays we have two months to figure out the space and start planning and designing the perfect place for us, before construction can begin. Exciting! Knowing that we’ll design a brand new kitchen we’ve been doing some research and of course I just completely got lost in all the awesomeness that is floating around out there.

I’ve stumbled upon some truly amazing kitchens that have some fabulous gold accents. These kitchens are so beautiful that I don’t think I’ll even mind washing dishes in these babies.

Gold accent kitchens on Rita Hello

Paris apartment, designer Jean-Louis Deniot covered his cabinetry in warm hammered silver. Photograph via Jean-Louis Deniot.

Gold accent kitchens on Rita Hello

 Grey and gold kitchen,  Eye Swoon.

Gold accent kitchens on Rita Hello

Stockholm apartment by Claesson Koivisto Rune.
Gold accent kitchens on Rita Hello 2
Brass cabinets in a kitchen by Australia-based designer Fiona Lynch.


Gold accent kitchens on Rita Hello

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