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Going Slow with Ode to Sunday

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Since I can remember Sundays has always been a day of reflection, eating and relaxation. What I never realised was that this also had to be a conscious decision. I’ve been thinking of my time as valuable, but I only got one-half right. My time working is valuable, but not nearly as valuable as the time I spent resting and recharging. Running on empty is not conducive to anyone in my life, least of all me.

My recent ‘revelation’, came hand in hand with the discovery of Ode to Sunday. This unique and ethical clothing brand from Lithuania takes slow fashion a step further. Not only is Ode to Sunday’s clothing beautifully effortless it is also made using socially conscious methods. There’s nothing quite like good quality linen against your skin to make you feel at ease. Even better, this is a brand that takes their philosophy to heart by sharing the stories of how creatives all over the world spend their Sundays. This inspires me to make some changes with regards to how I approach my own Sundays and hopefully it will do the same for you.

I had a chat with Agne and Vaida, founders of Ode to Sunday, to chat about their philosophy and their clothing.

PS: How absolutely dreamy is this photography by Sarune Zurba?

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 Q&A with Ode to Sunday

What prompted the idea to start Ode to Sunday and what made you actually do it?
We both come from backgrounds in graphic design and photography, so we always did something creative. We were mostly interested in simple, minimal designs and wanted to make something that would be our own, something that would express our personal ideas and worldview. That’s why we converted our ideas into clothing, we didn’t have to think long on what the final look of the garments should be, it just happened naturally. 

What does making garments in a socially conscious manner mean to you?
It is important for us to create a garment that is long lasting, something that wouldn’t be thrown out after a few years of use. It’s one of the reasons we chose linen, it’s firmness and toughness has little competition. It also has low-impact production, doesn’t cause any harm to the environment and is pretty easy to grow, requiring not more than rain water.

We’re also proud to work with local resources and manufacturers, which lets us be involved in the production process and guarantee a high-quality result. We value our local craftsmen and having real communication, it makes the work much more personal. We also believe that everyone has the right to rest and fair pay.

Please tell me more about Lithuanian linen. What makes it special?
Lithuania has deep traditions in the growing of flax and manufacturing linen products. We have a lot of respect for their knowledge and craftsmanship. It is also extremely valued by many global brands, which produce their products in Lithuania.

How would you like your readers to reinvent their Sundays in a society where everything happens at lightning speed?
The most we’d like is for people to pay more attention to themselves and their relatives. To encourage them to be in the moment and see the small things happening around them. So they would widen their worldview, communicate, wouldn’t forget each other and loose their bonds.

You share people stories on your site. Can you choose three that are in line with your own beliefs regarding Sundays, that readers should go read?
It is very hard to choose three. All of them are very similar but also very different. That was our goal from the very beginning – to know and share how people spend their Sundays all over the world. Each story is charming in its own way. But one thing is common to all of them, that people cherish their Sundays or weekends and try to spend them as best as they can.

How would shipping to South Africa work?
Ode to Sunday ships worldwide. We’re shipping with Express shipping, so the customer would receive the package within 3-4 days once the package is prepared and forwarded to the courier.

How can I (or anyone) take part in Ode to Sunday?
Everyone who would like to tell about their Sunday adventures, we ask them to tag their Instagram photos with #myodetosunday and we’ll get in touch with them. Also, we’re always interested in collaborations, so those who’d like to share their thoughts and ideas please write us a letter.

Do you mind sharing how you yourself spend your Sunday?
Our Sundays are varied. Sometimes they’re calm with a cup of coffee and book, and at times hard to predict. Last Sunday we got up very early and went mushrooming. It is wonderful to watch nature waking up. Then we spent the afternoon with friends at a picnic.


2-linen-tank-top-ode-to-sunday 14-linen-kimono-in-cream-by-ode-to-sunday3-iris-kimono-top-in-cream-ode-to-sunday15-linen-kimono-by-ode-to-sundy 6-dark-gery-shirt-ode-to-sunday8-simple-linen-dres-for-everyday-wear-ode-to-sunday16-linen-shirt-ode-tosunday
17-sunday-feeling-by-ode-to-sunday10-black-linen-skirt-ode-to-sunday 11-linen-summer-dress-ode-to-sunday18-ethical-fashion-by-ode-to-sunday

This post is in partnership with Ode to Sunday. All opinions are my own.

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