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Meet and Eat Traditional Mojito on Rita Hello


I got to meet up with food blogger Clarissa just before her big move to New Zealand.  Clarissa’s blog Meet and Eat is a tasteful hub for food and entertainment inspiration. Clarissa generously shared her secret for the ultimate summer mojito recipe, two ways.

 Q&A with Clarissa

Why and when did you start Meet & Eat?
I started Meet & Eat in early 2016. The blog was created out of a need I saw for unique food experiences, as well as the fact that there was no platform online that allowed me to find recipes for bigger crowds. Meet & Eat focuses on recipes that can be used when planning an event or entertaining friends. 

What kind of drinks do you associate with summer?
Summer drinks need to be refreshing and I love zesty, fruity drinks with clear spirits and lots of ice – it’s definitely crafty cocktails all the way!

What inspired these cocktail recipes?
These recipes were inspired by the recent surge in popularity of gin as a cocktail base. I am also obsessed with lavender in desserts, as well as with mojitos, so I wanted to combine the two.

Any tips for novices in mixology?
Learn how to make your own syrup, it just adds something unique to a cocktail and it is really easy. Then, always measure your ingredients, as balance is the key to a perfectly crafted cocktail.

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Meet and Eat Traditional Mojito on Rita Hello

Traditional Mojito

40ml simple syrup
40ml freshly squeezed lime juice
65ml gin of your choice
Fresh mint leaves

Crush the mint leaves with a herb crusher at the bottom of your glass to release the flavour. Add ice cubes and all the ingredients. Top up with your choice of clear mixer. Lemonade makes your drink sweet, while soda will leave it tasting more refreshing. 
Add mint leaves and a few slices of lime to garnish.


Blueberry Lavender Twist

40ml lavender simple syrup
20ml freshly squeezed lime juice
Small handful of blueberries (crush in the bottom of the glass if you want a stronger taste and a beautiful purple colour)
65ml gin of tour choice
Fresh mint leaves

Crush the mint leaves and blueberries (optional) into the bottom of the glass. Add ice cubes and all the ingredients. Top up with your choice of mixer. This version can be very sweet, so club soda is preferable, but you can also use lemonade.

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