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A while ago I asked Denielle from Everyday to help me out with some recipes for a Sunday Times Neighbourhood article I was writing. Not only did this result in a fun day of making these drinks and photographing it, these recipes are also really, really good!!! Whether you like something sweet and creamy or something fruity and refreshing these two recipes have got you covered.

 About Everyday

Everyday is a boutique kitchen in Pretoria who aims to make everyday a special day. Sisters Denielle and Inge van der Merwe started their business in 2015 in the hopes to brighten lunch hour with creative gourmet food at affordable prices. Ever since Everyday has been catering for everyday eating, which includes meals, delivered at your office or home. Recently they have included events such as picnics, themed parties, workshops and even holidays and special days such as Valentine’s Day, Easter and Mother’s day.

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Everyday Gourmet Drinks_0027


60g Lindt Chilli Dark Chocolate
40g 705 Lindt Dark Chocolate
125ml Fresh cream and extra for whipping
125ml milk
1 1/5 tsp chilli flakes
4 Tots brandy


Break the chocolate into small chunks into a small saucepan. Add the chilli flakes, milk and cream over medium heat. Melt the mixture while stirring frequently until all the chocolate is melted. Reduce the heat and let hot chocolate simmer, but be careful not to burn it. To add a bit of a kick add the four tots of brandy. To top off your drink whip the extra cream until it forms a peak and add a spoonful to your hot chocolate. Garnish with a few chilli flakes.



Everyday Gourmet Drinks_0026

(8 tumbler servings)


1 cup of sugar
5 cups cold water
A small bunch of fresh thyme
1 cup lemon juice
1 1/2 cups gin
Woolworths elderflower tonic
A hand full of raspberries
Cucumber slices
Slice of lemon


In a saucepan heat, the sugar, thyme and one cup of water until the sugar is completely melted. Add the remaining 4 cups of water and lemon juice and turn off the heat. When cool add the gin while stirring. Place the mixture in the fridge until cold.

To serve, add crushed ice to each glass and then add 125ml lemonade mix and 125ml tonic water to your glass. Garnish with a few raspberries, a slice of lemon cucumber and a wedge of fresh lemon.


 Everyday Gourmet Drinks_0017 Everyday Gourmet Drinks_0006 Everyday Gourmet Drinks_0008 Everyday Gourmet Drinks_0004 Everyday Gourmet Drinks_0009 Everyday Gourmet Drinks_0005 Everyday Gourmet Drinks_0013 Everyday Gourmet Drinks_0016 Everyday Gourmet Drinks_0018 Everyday Gourmet Drinks_0024 Everyday Gourmet Drinks_0011 Everyday Gourmet Drinks_0025 Everyday Gourmet Drinks_0029

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