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Driehoek Surfaces Exhibition

Driehoek Surfaces Exhibition on Rita Hello

Friday after a delightful shopping excursion and my #LoveChange haircut as I call it, we were on course to Wolves to have a look at Driehoek‘s new exhibition; Surfaces.

These ladies are just WOW! Driehoek is Megan Bird, Lizanne Visser and Nolene Gerber.

We like to tell stories through our works; small little narratives to which the viewer can create beginnings and ends. Pieces that let people get entangled in nostalgic fantasy worlds. Our work varies from serious and highly detailed to quirky and minimalist. We are inspired by many things including amusing comments and jokes, mundane things (like plastic chairs or Playstation buttons) and old-school retro things that we are to young to have enjoyed or experienced. 

In this exhibition, we explore the Eureka movement. Focusing on the scientific and in this particular case, the squishy bits. The Eureka movement is a movement of discovery and intellectual enrichment, making information accessible and understandable to the people. We are students of the eureka movement but of course we don’t take it too seriously. 😉 From dissecting a Ninja turtles hand to our interpretation of the human nerves system, to imagined geological studies and science puns. We discover the many imagined, colourful, quirky and humours surfaces of the scientific.
We are so exited to launch our latest exhibition: Surfaces, in Johannesburg and for the first time ever in Cape Town! Come and join us for a glass of wine!

We really enjoyed this exhibition, so much so that we bought two prints for our new house. Exciting! Somehow with all the excitement I ended up with really blurry pictures of the night. Sorry… As soon as we get our prints I’ll brag a bit!

Exhibition Johannesburg : Wolves Cafe 

Exhibition Cape Town : Grey Area

This trio is really such an inspiration, awesome stuff guys. Thank you for a lovely evening and good luck in Cape Town!

Driehoek Surfaces Exhibition on Rita Hello

Driehoek Surfaces Exhibition Driehoek Surfaces Exhibition Driehoek Surfaces Exhibition Driehoek Surfaces Exhibition

Driehoek Surfaces Exhibition on Rita Hello

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