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Dark Spaces on Rita Hello

Just like people, rooms have personalities and certain traits that make them what they are.  That dark little room in the corner of your house, or the dark powder room that seems a bit dreary might just seem a little less dreary if you actually let it shine by embracing its personality.
There’s a major misconception that painting a small room or a dark room white or a light shade would actually make the space look bigger or better. In some cases it might be true, but wearing clothes and colours that suit your figure, skin tone and hair colour goes a long way for you, so why wouldn’t it be the case with spaces.

When lighting in a room isn’t great, painting the room a light shade may not necessarily be the right choice, you may end up with a murky grey or beige looking walls. The fact is that you will probably have to invest in some proper lighting anyway. If the room is a bit moody, indulge in it’s moodiness, it is after all what the room is.

I’m seriously considering going to the dark side as soon as we are freed from ‘rent rules’. This doesn’t only apply to small or dark rooms though, if you’re feeling adventurous, try some dark colours. It’s just paint right?


Dark Spaces on Rita Hello

Dark Spaces on Rita Hello

Dark Spaces on Rita Hello

Dark Spaces on Rita Hello

Dark Spaces on Rita Hello

Dark Spaces on Rita Hello

Dark Spaces on Rita Hello

Design by Jo Atkins Hughes






Dark Spaces on Rita Hello

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By Hitta Hem (Source)




Something to also consider is dark lacquered walls, it reflects light beautifully, it is so dramatic and absolutely stunning when used properly. Just note that you need pretty damn perfect surfaces for lacquer paint as it shows off every single little imperfection if you are worried about something like that. It’s the satin gown in the paint wardrobe.






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    Megan Bird
    November 5, 2014 at 5:22 PM

    I’m a fan of the white wall, but its so nice to see something other than that. Thanks for the post.

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