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Cheerio 2014 and Helloooooo 2015!

2014 in Review on Rita Hello

Hi guys, welcome back! I hope you had an amazing Christmas and a smashing New Year’s Eve! I did! There is so many ‘Year in Review’ things going around and it made me go and seriously look at the year I had and it wasn’t at all bad.
I’m saying cheerio to 2014! It was a great year for me as well as for Andre. We had a bunch of fun, met wonderful new people, had fun times with old friends and worked really hard. By December we were dead on our feet which must be a sure sign that we didn’t let any opportunities slip by last year. So for the last time this year I’m looking back, I’m looking back at a great year, saying cheerio and embracing a year that holds so much potential. So here we go!

Cheerio 2014 on Rita Hello2014 in Review on Rita Hello 1 copy 2014 in Review on Rita Hello 2 copy 2014 in Review on Rita Hello 3 copy

And without any further ado!

Hello 2015 on Rita HelloCheers on Rita HelloMom's awesome plants on Rita Hello2015Kahla and Andre 2015 on Rita Hello

We’ve been partying it up, enjoying some awesome rain, relaxed with Kahla and planned the new house. We bought our 2015 diaries and some plans are already jotted down. This year we’ll be photographing some great weddings. Launching our lifestyle photography and design business and hopefully start some other ventures too. BIG NEWS! The house is finally Andre’s! Very soon we’ll start renovating and after that it is time for a break and then wedding planning.

2015 on Rita Hello

So HOORAY AND HAVE A RAD 2015! Let’s not look back and dance this year silly! Thanks for reading.


All illustration and photography a copyright of Rita Hello.

Cheerio 2014 Hello 2015

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