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Catherine Holtzhausen

Catherine Holtzhausen on Rita Hello

What a happy day when Koba Illustration & Design shared Catherine Holtzhausen‘s Facebook page. I love discovering new artists and getting a peek of what they get up to. Catherine Holtzhausen is a collage illustrator/artist based in Cape Town, South Africa. You might have seen her work whilst unwrapping a bar of Honest Chocolate and I’m sure you’ll see much more in future.

“Thatscrap,” is a series of daily illustrations made by Catherine Holtzhausen. These mixed media collage illustrations are made from scraps of monoprint & collagraph papers.

I just love her project Thatscrap, it is filled with some really sweet little artworks, some really funny ones and some just so witty and smart it makes me smile. I love how there’s just no slacking on the sheer amount of effort that goes into her work. Since the first year after an extensive multimedia collage zine project I’ve never wanted my fingers to stick to everything and everything…this however just makes me want to make all sorts of prettiness. I love when artists not only invoke admiration but also inspiration.

You’ll be excited to know that Catherine opening up shop online. Hopefully in time for some Christmas shopping! Let’s hold thumbs for an exhibition in our side of the pond! Follow along for some almost daily inspiration.

Website // Instagram //Facebook // Béhance



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All images in this post are copyright of Catherine Holtzhausen.

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