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Bottoms up at Bellbottoms

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I’ve lived in and near Pretoria for almost ten years and in that time I’ve heard about Bellbottoms and made numerous plans to go but never did. That being said… I’m a bit late to the party, but I finally went! And I spent my time there bottoms up looking at every little thing! 

Found on Live Eco

Found on Live Eco

Last week when one of my best friends suggested to go and l jumped at the opportunity. Andre was at a kendo competition and being stranded at home just wouldn’t do. I’ll be ever thankful to her and it was the very first time in the almost seven years we’ve known each other we did a nice and peaceful morning stroll.

I just love the place! I had a blast and it was all over way too quickly. Shops like these bring out the real me, even though I try my bestest to stay sane and responsible with my finances. Grown up Rita failed epically! Nevertheless I don’t regret anything! I thought I’d share some of my finds with you. I’m already planning my next visit and crossing my fingers that some things grown up Rita left behind are still there.

I bought a set of gold cutlery! I’ve been salivating over my keyboard over similar sets on Pinterest and now I finally have my own. Definitely not regretting this.

Bellbottoms on Rita Hello 1

Bellbottoms on Rita Hello 2

These were the first things I decided were coming home with me and I soon decided they needed to wait by the counter because I have a nasty little habit of looking with my hands. They are so pretty and the fact that they keep tea super hot helped when I made my little explanation speech at home of why I just had to have them!

Bellbottoms on Rita Hello 3

Bellbottoms on Rita Hello 4

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