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Black and White Bathroom Inspiration

Black and White Bathroom Inpiration on Rita Hello

 The Bathroom

Ok, so you have one bathroom or a bathroom that’s feeling a bit left out, you want to renovate or just change things up. The problem is that you get bored quickly or you’re easily swept away by trends and after 2 years (or less) you find yourself wanting to tear everything off the walls and start over. Fret not, you’re not alone! The solution is simple…keep it simple!

 The Story

Bathrooms are difficult. Nobody wants an outdated murky beige bathroom, but most people are also worried about too stylised bathrooms. A colour tile may look horrid in a few years and you’ll be the person who’ll have the next owners shake their heads and say “What were they thinking…”. I personally would have absolutely no problem with that! We recently moved into our new house after a tremendous house hunt (Click to read all about it) and when we walked into the bathroom it was green… green everywhere. It had a weird charm to it, and of course, my mind went to what you could do with some gold fittings and some amazing over-the-top wallpaper and new floor tiles to make it look great. But of course, we wanted a shiny, new (CLEAN) bathroom. I looked at so many crazy patterned and colour tiles, every great pink Wes Anderson-like and the heavily wallpapered bathroom had me jumping with joy. I’ll tell you all about that later. However practicality won the war, I had to pull in the reigns and think about the hassles of redoing a bathroom, the cost implications and the longevity of our decisions. We played it safe and kept with a black and white mood board. Our reasoning was that we could easily change the look by painting a wall or changing accessories. I collected inspiration pictures on a Pinterest board we made specifically for the renovation, I kept random pinning to a minimum here and went back every now and again and deleted what didn’t fit with the big idea anymore. Here are some of them.


Bathroom Inspiration on Rita Hello

Found: Design Milk

Bathroom Inspiration on Rita Hello

Found: La maison d’Anna G

Bathroom inspiration on Rita Hello

Found: Simply Grove

lack and White Bathroom Inspiration on Rita Hello

Found: Sarah Samuel Sherman

lack and White Bathroom Inspiration on Rita Hello

Found: The Design Chaser


I love moodboards! It is a great way to figure out if things you thought would totally go together actually suck or if they go together amazingly. I’ve put together a moodboard for a simple black and white inspired bathroom with variables for fairly inexpensive tile choices as well as some gold accent examples that could completely change the look of this simple and clean choice bathroom.

Black and White Bathroom Inspiration Moodboard by Rita Hello

This is so very basic and I could go into so much more detail and I will, but I would love to hear your thoughts. Do you like a minimal black and white look or perhaps a vintage inspired black and white bathroom? Would you play it safe or go all out?

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  • Reply
    September 30, 2015 at 11:19 PM

    I lurv the black and white look and it’s what we went with when recently renovating our bathroom, well…charcoal and white might be more accurate but i think it looks amazing when coupled with the occasional spot of strong colour. We have a quite big plant in the corner of the room and a few smaller ones spread out near the window and i think the splash of green against the otherwise minimalistic design looks fantastic. Personally i hate clutter so we wanted to keep it quite clear and just went with a simple glass basin and brushed steel taps & extractor fan grill. I’m really pleased with the final result though i kinda want to work in some lush dark oak in somewhere, just not entirely sure where now!

    • Reply
      September 30, 2015 at 11:29 PM

      Hello Carly! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your story! We also went with more of a charcoal and white look. I originally wanted black and as I stood there looking at the black floor tiles, it felt like they were a bit harsh. I love plants in the bathroom and we’re slowly but surely introducing more as we settle into our new bathroom. Your bathroom sounds lovely!!! I hope you had loads of fun renovating.

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