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If you or your mister are into beards I’ve got the coolest post for you! Beardworx has a range of products for, you guessed right, BEARDS! Beardworx offers a whole range of products such as beard oil, shampoo bars, liquid shampoo, beard balm, mustache wax and styling combs. They also have some neat tips and tricks for beard growers and newbie beards. They have a super rad online store as well as some stockists scattered around.


 The Story

Ok, so this is actually not something I bought for Andre, which makes this even better I suppose. He bought it himself! Which of course means that it is one of those things that won’t end up lying in a dressing drawer. If your guy is as attached to his beard as Andre (sorry love but you are!) this is the perfect gift. Who doesn’t like a nice treat?

Andre has been talking about wanting this for a few months.  He read up on all the different brands out there and I think the wooden comb was the catch. Apparently, it is really great for beard hair….. (Yep, I’ll take their word for it!). Excitement about this was palpable. I kid you not, I had a reminder alarm set for the estimated delivery time to make sure I’m at home to receive it! I was quite gutted when he bought it himself since it was on my little Gifts for Andre list. On the bright side though, I now always have the opportunity to buy him some of the other scents or products. It can actually be one of those amazing Christmas stocking filler or add on gifts, the bonus is that I know he’ll love it!

What I love about these products, aside from seeing how happy it makes Andre, is the smell! All of the ingredients are natural products which make me super happy and they really do smell divine. I had a hand in picking the scents and I would most definitely high five myself. Scents we chose were Lumberjack Beard Shampoo and Hipster Beard Oil, I love pine needles! Andre picked Combo 3 which includes beard oil, mustache wax and a wooden comb. You can actually have the comb personalised, how awesome is that?

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