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It is THE DAY folks!!! These last couple of weeks I’ve been keeping an extra close eye on one of my favourite cat adoption charities. And guess what? We’ve adopted a beautiful black kitten and it’s a boy! We’ve delayed for so many years because we were incredibly worried that Kahla, our big girl and the princess in our house wasn’t going to be too happy. As you might suspect we’ve decided to do heaps of research and take the leap. I contacted Catz R Us and I was flooded with pictures of gorgeous kitties that needed homes. I wish we could take in all of them! If you’re thinking of adopting, please make sure you’re up for the commitment and please adopt don’t shop! If you’re like me and you love some kitten spam you can follow along on Kahla and Zissou’s Instagram account.

Catz R Us / Adopt Don’t Shop

Catz R Us is a non-profit organisation that has homed more than 500 cats just in the past 8 months. They are currently looking for new premises, foster parents for the beautiful kitties they are rehoming as well as donations for supplies. If you’d like a warm little fuzzy ball to cuddle for life and if you can fathom enduring the sweet sound of a loving purr, please consider adopting from all of the wonderful adoption programmes out there. Catz R Us has a very reasonable adoption fee of R750. This includes sterilisation, two vaccinations that include Rabies shots, deworming and a microchip. Everything a responsible pet owner needs to start a beautiful friendship. If you are able to assist them in any way, be it fostering the cats they currently have, helping out with fundraising, donating time/money/resources or any other way you would like to help, please contact them. If you’d like you can donate a little something-something on Snapscan below, they need all the help they can get!

Donate Cat Art

Now, to get to the pretty bit of the post! If you’re not able to adopt there are so many other ways of contributing. This year CatzRus will be hosting their second annual cat art exhibition on the 23rd of September 2017 at Hap Koffiehuis. Since the exhibition is a few months away it leaves enough time to whip up some amazing art fit for any cat lady or gentleman. Any artists that are willing to donate cat art can contact Lisa Van Niekerk on 0824411029 or lisa@catzrus.co.za. Also, this exhibition is not only limited to cat art. If you have any wooden or ceramic cat figurines that you want to get rid of, you can also contact Lisa. I urge all of you to please support this fantastic idea. To get your fingers tingling and your mind working I’ve got some cat inspiration eye candy for you today!

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Cat + Hair by Terry Runyan on Rita Hello

Cat + Hair by Terry Runyan

Cat Illustration by Giacomo Bagnara

Cat Illustration by Giacomo Bagnara




Catisse Blue Cat Print by Niaski

Cat Illustration by Daria Solak on Rita Hello

Cat Illustration by Daria Solak

Salvador Catli by Niaski on Rita Hello

Salvador Catli by Niaski


Cat Print Sold by Baba Souk on Rita Hello

Cat Print Sold by Baba Souk

Frida Catlo by Niaski on Rita Hello

Frida Catlo by Niaski

Cats Illustration by Claire Softley on Rita Hello

Cats Illustration by Claire Softley

Cat Scupltures by Niaski on Rita Hello

Cat Scupltures by Niaski

Cat + Beard by Terry Runyan on Rita Hello

Cat + Beard by Terry Runyan

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