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Crushing on Archibold Solid Woods

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A few weeks ago I saw Archibold pop up on my timeline and I couldn’t help clicking. It it beautiful, stripped of pretense, simple yet complex. There is nothing quite like the smell of wood to make a house feel like home. With these pieces you can have it be home with an added touch of minimal.

Based in Paarl, in the beautiful Western Cape, Suly and Mark have created Archibold, a furniture brand making side tables from solid, reclaimed wood.

Mark Buchanan is a Jazz and Blues musician and Suly Kuhn is a travel photographer. After experimenting and playing with wood on weekends, they soon realised they have something raw and unique. Immediately they took Archibold on as a full-time adventure.

 About Archibold

The name Archibold means, genuine, bold and brave, this is what inspired Mark and Suly to start their venture into the field of simplistic & contemporary home decor. Archibold was born out of the love for design and the beauty of natural solid woods. Mark’s grandfather and great grandfather; Archibold were both carpenters, this is where his love for working with wood originated from.

Mark and Suly have a different outlook towards typical woodwork and prefers to leave the wood cracked and natural. They are inspired by the beauty of asymmetrical shapes and like to work with the imperfections.

Mark and I have always enjoyed working with our hands, Mark builds his own guitars and I build my own pinhole cameras. After a tree fell down in Mark’s yard, he took on a side project to make a table for his wife as a gift. I was still on a travelling adventure when I received the first photograph of the completed table. I instantly fell in love with the concept. Mark and I decided to collaborate, sharing design ideas and bouncing off each other’s skills to create unique tables. One table led to another until we decided to create a brand. Archibold was born.


 How to Order

If you would like your very own Archibold Solid Woods products, feel free to contact Suly and Mark by emailing them at suly(at)archiboldsolidwoods.com or mark(at)archiboldsolidwoods.com.

Archibold Solid Woods will also be exhibiting at the 2017 Autumn Kamersvol at St John’s College in Houghton, Johannesburg from the 26th to the 30th of April 2017.


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Fickus (h/270mm, w/600mm) R10 500

Bottle Brush (h/420mm, w/740mm) R7 900

Solid Oak Diamond (h/350mm, w/460mm) R4 250

Solid Oak Oval (h/400mm, w/390mm) R3 950

Solid Oak Twin (h/260mm, w/750mm) R4 490

Solid Oak Circle (h/210mm, w/280mm) R2 390

Ficus Stump (h/300mm, w/250mm) R2 490

Pine Stump (h/390mm, w/220mm) R1 850

Solid Oak Egg (h/300mm, w/470mm) R2 600

All images copyright of Archibold Solid Woods. All opinions are my own.


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