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I’m fortunate enough to call my best friend and the best, most kind man I know my husband. We live in Pretoria, South Africa with our cat Kahla (named after Frida Kahlo). When I’m not working or photographing amazing people for our business Forever Folk, I constantly wake up my husband with ideas on how to improve our home or to tell him what I’d like to add to our bucket list. I love all forms of design and art, fashion and I love to eat, loads.

Rita Hello is a work in process and a love project. Ultimately, I see it as a journal. You see I have never been very good at keeping one. Throughout my life, I’ve had countless diaries, each with three or four entries. It was wonderful and often cringe worthy just reading those handful of entries and it made me sad that I didn’t write more. This blog is me writing more. I hope you’ll find inspiration, laugh with me and enjoy it here in my corner of the internet. One day I’ll nail this ‘about me’ thing, but for now this is it. Thank you for visiting, it means the world!

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