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5 Small Low Maintenance Backyards

5 Small Low Maintenance Back Yards on Rita Hello

Last year we moved into our own ‘house’, one of the requirements was that we had to have a small garden. After our extensive house hunting, we found a place in a complex with a garden big enough to create our own little space and small enough to be easily maintained. Garden maintenance is no small task and us, unfortunately, don’t have the time to spend coo-ing over fragile plants. Our complex has strict rules in regards to just how much you can do, but I let my eyes wander to all of these wonderful ways to obtain a low maintenance small garden.

 A Practical Pool Area

If you’re fortunate enough to have an existing pool or you would like to have one installed, this is a brilliant way of maneuvering in a small space. This space is incredibly practical, the pool is small enough to be fairly easy to clean, but its length gives it ample space to be able to have a good long swim. I loved how they kept the area around the pool clean and practical, keeping with the house’s clean facade.

Backyard Ideas on Rita Hello

Source | Rhode Island Summer Cottage on Dwell

 A Miniature Oasis

Planting an array of easily manageable shrubs and grasses can go a long way in making your garden look lush and green without adding to many hours to you gardening schedule. It seems like the perfect zen space to enjoy a good cup of jo.

1 3

Source | House refurbishment Islington, London by Guard Tillman Pollock

 A Stone Haven

Don’t have tons of time to mow a lawn area? No worries, this gravel garden with strewn indigenous plants and succulents doesn’t only save you time but it also saves water. A water saving garden is not only a great way to save on your water bill it saves you time and loads of fretting.


Source | Sebastian Mariscal home in Venice California

 Up Garden

A vertical garden is a great way to save space and still have some lovely green surrounding you. Not only does it look amazing it provides some much needed privacy in densely populated areas.

zizmor-house-exterior-plant-wall-portrait zizmor-house-patio-stairs

Source | Zizmore Home on Dwell

 Container Crusade

Let’s be honest, you don’t want to do extensive research on soil composition research. You also don’t want to dig up your whole garden and redo it. A great way to wiggle around this and add some height to your space is some container gardening. This is also a great solution for balcony or patio gardening.

jardins-party-terrace-hammock jardins-party-terrace-tile-floor

Source | São Paulo Garden Oasis Home

 Palm Springs Vibes

Cactus plants are pretty much amazing. These babies are a rock solid option for people with fingers that are not so green.  They effortlessly provide structure and form to a garden and can easily become the ‘bones’ of your outside space. Make sure to vary sizes to keep it interesting.

indian_summer-dining-area-floor-ceilling-window_0 indian_summer-native-plants-courtyard-garage

Source | Vacation Home in California

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