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25th Birthday Vibes

25th Birthday Vibes

So on Friday, I celebrated my 25th birthday. Whoopee! Usually, I’m not big on birthdays but I turned a quarter century old and that’s pretty cool! Right?

We had quite the relaxed morning after which Andre treated me to a haircut. Later on, I realised that my Instagram caption implied that Andre gave me the haircut which of course is not the case! We still drive back to Centurion to get our hair cut because there is no one quite as amazing as Godwin at Exquisite Hair Design. We love him so much that we gladly take on the trek and sit around and wait so that we both can get our hair cut by him. I was so incredibly taken by my haircut I finally took my slow mo video function for a ride for a super self-indulgent shampoo-ad-y video. I wish I could freeze my post salon hair and just have it like that every day.

Presents!!!!! I got the most amazing presents!!!!! My dear Old MacDaddy (my 2008 model Macbook Pro), bless its great metal casing and wonderful insides, retired about a year or so ago. It still works perfectly aside from the fact that it now has to be on charge constantly. So my lovely parents gave me Skinny (a Macbook Air) to use for meetings and presentations and so on when I can’t take Martha (my iMac) along. For the past year or so I’ve been carrying poor Skinny around wrapped in jerseys, stuffed in tote bags. Buying a laptop bag or sleeve ended up being one of those things I just never got to doing. A few months bag I saw this Knomo bag and made a big scene about how I really wanted it and again I decided I’d rather not splurge. Andre then proceeded to buy it for me and spent the next few months in agony listening to me complain about carrying around my laptop in these obscene ways knowing full well he had the solution! Thank you soooooooooo much!!!!!!! I think I might just start complaining about mixing batters and so on by hand! Who knows, maybe a copper KitchenAid mixer will make its way into the kitchen along with the appropriate funding 😛

That evening we went out with a few of our friends to a new place called Company Social Brasserie, that has been open for little under two weeks. It was an amazing experience, the staff was super attentive considering we were such a big table and the food was just divine! What makes all of it even better was spending time with everyone and just realising how many amazing people I know and how fortunate I am to call them my friends. I received the loveliest gifts! I am now the proud owner of a book named The Master and Margarita (MargaRITA, get it?), a lovely, long longed for set of cups from Country Road, a much needed Sorbet voucher and bath time goodies, some awesome chocolates, sweets and things to treat all my various addictions and oh wait for it….a Mumford and Sons ticket! I know, how awesome! The best gift of all? The best friends ever! Thank you for each and every message, scribbles on my Facebook wall, phone calls and hugs. You made me such a happy and extremely mushy gal on Friday.

The next day my birthday continued with some wedding related gifts, which unfortunately you’ll have to wait until next year to see!

25th Birthday Vibes on Rita Hello_0005

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