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10 Fun Christmas Gift Ideas

Fun Christmas Gifts on Rita Hello

It is time to start doing some Christmas shopping and although I love Christmas, I don’t like spending hours in crowded shopping malls. There is something nice about sitting down for a cup of coffee with parcels and gift bags heaped around your feet, I know. However I’ve settled on gift purchases too many times to count because I just couldn’t find what I was looking for.
I would love to still go do some shopping out in the craziness, but this year I’m going to try online shopping for the most.

I have looked through the Superbalist website and found some really quirky and fun gifts I’d like to share with you. I just love giving people gifts, but I like giving thingies. I adore thingies, thingies make people happy and people don’t always buy themselves thingies.

Some of these are just really awesome, and some of them I thought would make for great stocking fillers.

 1. Nanoblock Flamingo

Create a 3D work of art with nanoblock®!  These micro-sized building blocks allow you to build in detail like never before, and the bold coloured blocks add to its brilliant design aesthetic. Watch in amazement as your construction takes shape right beneath your fingertips. Each nanoblock® set includes detailed instructions.


Flamingo Nano Blocks


 2. Ridley’s Tumbling Blocks

Who’s game for some good old-fashioned fun?  This fantastic range of classic novelties, games and jokes is accentuated by the nostalgic, retro packaging that recalls the bygone time of games entertainment in the evenings with family and close friends.

Ridley's Tumbling BlocksRidley’s Tumbling Blocks from Superbalist


 3. Tin Toys

These toys are replicas of the iconic tin toys made in Japan and Europe during the pre and post WWII era. It’s an authentic piece of childhood nostalgia from a period that will never exist again. It makes a perfect novelty toy or gift.

Pecking BirdSuperbalist Bird Pecking Blue Bird (Play Things) from Superbalist
Jumping FrogSuperbalist Frog Jumping Frog (Play Things) from Superbalist
Hopping RabbitSuperbalist Rabbit Hopping Rabbit (Play Things) from Superbalist
Race CarSuperbalist Race Car Racer (Play Things) from Superbalist
TrainSuperbalist TrainTrain (Play Things) from Superbalist



 4. Inflatable Cactus Cooler

Stay cool at your Mexican themed fiesta with this inflatable cactus cooler. Just add air, ice and drinks. You couldn’t ask for better.

Inflatable Cactus Cooler

Inflatable Cactus Cooler (Party Express) from Superbalist


 5. Rainbow Donkey Piñata

A piñata is a container often made of papier-mâché. It’s usually decorated with and filled with small toys and sweets. It’s the perfect entertainment to have at a birthday or celebration.

Rainbow Donkey Pinata Rainbow Donkey Piñata (Party Express) from Superbalist


 6. Knockout Oven Glove

Guaranteed to bring a smile to your kitchen, the Knock Out Oven Glove is constructed from stretchy neoprene and is heat resistant.

Knock-Out Oven Glove
Knock Out Oven Glove (Kitchen Craft) from Superbalist


 7. Walkie Talkie

Have a bit of fun with your smartphone – including the iPhone 5 – and broadcast your voice via a walkie talkie microphone speaker. You’ll look both authoritative and quirky, channelling your inner Police Academy character with good-humoured cheekiness. Includes a 3.5mm jack.

WalkieTalkie 1 WalkieTalkie 2Walkie Talkie (DCI) from Superbalist


 8. Origami Sticky Notepad

Habitual doodlers, chronic paper folders, impulsive paper scrunchers and irrepressible fidgeters – this Origami Note Pad was made for you. Organise your thoughts with these classic sticky notes, then recycle them by transforming them into 3D shapes. Not an origami expert? Don’t despair – each note pad comes with instructions on how to fold 10 popular models: pig, penguin, boat, crane, butterfly, squirrel, lily and the dreaded paper water bomb.

Origami StickiesOrigami Sticky Notepad (Suck UK) from Superbalist


 9. Beach Bats

This marks the second collaboration between Superbalist.com and Jasper Eales, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. With everybody looking for ways to enjoy a day at the beach, these screen-printed, handmade bats offer the perfect summertime entertainment. Crafted in Cape Town from premium quality Redwood Marine ply with rope-whipped handles, these bats form part of a limited edition set of a 100 and were designed with sustainability in mind.

Beach BatsBeach Bats (Jasper EalesxSuperbalist) from Superbalist


 10. Punchbag Laundry Bag

Big enough to hold a heavyweight load of washing and tough enough to take a beating, use your dirty laundry for your daily work out. Hang the bag in your wardrobe or the corner of your room until you’re ready to take it out to be washed.

Punch bag Laundry BagPunch Bag Laundry Bag (Suck UK) from Superbalist


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